A Perfect Checklist For Moving Interstate

Moving can be quite stressful but you can get through it with a good checklist. If you’re relocating to another state, you can create a good checklist that will allow you to do everything without forgetting anything. WikHow have a great article on moving house – we recommend you take a read of it. Don’t rush into creating the checklist but rather take as much time as possible to create a customized one to meet all your interstate moving needs. Here are some useful tips to help you with your interstate move.

1. Choosing A Good Removalist

Well, it’s tough to move everything on your own without the help of a removalist (Brisk Transport are a great removalist company, you can follow them on Twitter). On that note, the first step is choosing the best removalist in your area. You need to do lots of research on removalist experts in your area. That way, you can guarantee the best value for your dollars without compromising on the care and quality of services offered.

Don’t choose the first removalist you are referred to or come across online. Rather, you should go through as many quotes as possible to find the best one for your needs. A few things you need to consider while doing so include the following.

• Experience And Reputation – How many years has the removalist been in business? An expert removalist who has been around many years has a good reputation in the locality. Even better, he/she provides excellent removal services forcing customers to come back for more.

• Safety And Insurance- There is nothing more disheartening than losing all your household belongings in transit or some of your valuable items getting damaged. On that note, you need to choose a removalist company that takes good care of all items in transit. For the best results, choose a company that offers insurance. That way, in the event of any accident, you can always have your items replaced.

• Turnaround Time – Packing an entire house, loading the items into a truck and relocating to a new home in a different state can be very difficult. You don’t need to rush the whole process but you can’t take your time too. Therefore, you need to choose a removalist company that has a fast turnaround time without compromising on the quality of services offered.

• Services Offered And Cost – Before hiring any removalist company, you need to go through the services offered and the cost for each service. That way, if you need both packing and unpacking services, you can receive them without any more expenses. On the other hand, this would come in handy, if you can offset some expenses especially if you’re operating on a budget.

2. Utilities

Since you’re moving to another state, you need to alert the utility providers in both places. For your old home, you need to disconnect the gas, electricity and power and inform the providers about the later reconnection at the new address. If you don’t do this in time, you might end up being charged for an extra month that could have been avoided.

On the other hand, you might face some issues reconnecting the utilities at the new house, if the old house hasn’t been disconnected yet. If possible, contact the utility providers weeks before your planned moving day to make sure that everything is in order.

3. Packing

Here is where the big problem lies. You might choose to have the removalist company do all the packing for you or do it on your own depending on your budget. Regardless, you need to have a system that makes it easier to unpack all the items once you get to your new house. For starters, you can start packing the less-used items such as stored possessions, garage items and many more.

For the rest of the house, you need to create three different categories such as ‘move’, ‘give-away’ and also ‘rubbish’. That way, you don’t have to bring all the clutter in the old house to the new one. When packing, make sure the relevant boxes are titled for each room. For instance, all the kitchen items should be separate from the bedroom items etc. With such an excellent packing system, unpacking everything once you’ve arrived at the new house should be quite easy.

In conclusion, don’t forget to research about the new area. Before settling in, you need to know where the amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers and much more are located.

Disconcerting International News Topics Seem Like A Daily Thing


Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn on the television there are disconcerting international news topics front and center? It’s a combination of many different factors, but think about how much technology has progressed. People can share information in so many different ways, and there are so many news outlets. Social media in general has become a news outlet itself.

Think about what you’ve heard about ISIS trying to get recruits by using Twitter. Think about the videos that they release and spread through the media. Now, if you were around a few decades ago during the 1980’s, which wasn’t long ago, think about how news was broadcast then. You had the television and the radio, and the television only came with three stations, unless you had one of those humongous satellite dishes that were the size of trees.

News moves quickly these days, and it is broadcast through so many outlets. Of course, not all of them operate with the same integrity, especially when it comes to what you can find on the Internet. Either way, we are still privy to more international news than ever, and that means that journalists are digging for what to tell us in order to get higher ratings. Journalists from the US are all over the world getting the news.

We’ve discussed a couple topics in international news, but what else is going on? You have the Brussels bombing, NATO issues and don’t forget about the Pope’s recent spat with Donald Trump. There was also a bad helicopter crash in Algeria, and 12 people died in the crash. Every morning you wake up, you can grab the international news topics for the day online just like you would have grabbed the newspaper from the front doorstep back in the day.