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Disconcerting International News Topics Seem Like A Daily Thing


Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn on the television there are disconcerting international news topics front and center? It’s a combination of many different factors, but think about how much technology has progressed. People can share information in so many different ways, and there are so many news outlets. Social media in general has become a news outlet itself.

Think about what you’ve heard about ISIS trying to get recruits by using Twitter. Think about the videos that they release and spread through the media. Now, if you were around a few decades ago during the 1980’s, which wasn’t long ago, think about how news was broadcast then. You had the television and the radio, and the television only came with three stations, unless you had one of those humongous satellite dishes that were the size of trees.

News moves quickly these days, and it is broadcast through so many outlets. Of course, not all of them operate with the same integrity, especially when it comes to what you can find on the Internet. Either way, we are still privy to more international news than ever, and that means that journalists are digging for what to tell us in order to get higher ratings. Journalists from the US are all over the world getting the news.

We’ve discussed a couple topics in international news, but what else is going on? You have the Brussels bombing, NATO issues and don’t forget about the Pope’s recent spat with Donald Trump. There was also a bad helicopter crash in Algeria, and 12 people died in the crash. Every morning you wake up, you can grab the international news topics for the day online just like you would have grabbed the newspaper from the front doorstep back in the day.